7 Signs You Might Be In Love If…

Are you in love, or is it just hormones?

I asked someone this, who I really cared about.

I was trying to decide: Did I really love this man or was I simply just, well, drunk on oxytocin and other various hormones?

I mean, the person in question is incredibly attractive. Great body. Beautiful face. Even better touch.

All of those factors could have meant my feelings were really just hormones and hot-in the pants and not necessarily, straight from the heart. Although let’s be real: a good relationship requires “hot in the pants” and “straight from the heart.”

I found my answer though, when I went down this little list of mine. Here are a few ways to tell whether it’s love or hormones:

1- You Can Talk to the Person

If you crave the person’s conversation, you might be in love & not just well, horny.

2- Circle of Friends

You want the person to be a part of your circle, and not just in your bed.

3-The Room Stops

This is sort of hormonal, primitive and I believe, evolutionary: the feeling that when you see the person, the room stops and no one else exists: it’s love and hormones together. And primal. Hunter-like. Your target is your focus. Everything else is a blur. To survive, you would have had to focus on the kill. It’s the same with love.

4- They Bring More Than Orgasms

The person brings comfort, love, trust and then some…

it’s love.

5-  Values on Target

You don’t need to agree to everything, but you need to have common ground. When you share that common ground, it’s the pathway to long-lasting love.

6-Forgive & Want More For The Person

If you forgive easily and would put that person’s happiness above your own– you’re in love. Congrats!

7- They Know

You share with him or her things you wouldn’t with others. You tell that person first.

The person understands you. Sometimes, it just takes a look.

Wouldn’t you know it?

It might be love.

Good Luck My Hunters & Gatherers,


2 thoughts on “7 Signs You Might Be In Love If…

  1. Not The Average Mama says:

    Love this post, but when I first read
    “5-  Values on Target”

    I thought, “yeah, he better love Target because that’s my STORE. I can’t live without Target.” clearly you didn’t mean the store, but it made me chuckle and had to share that.

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