6 Guys You Wish You Didn’t Have Sex With

Sex is great, but not when you have it with serious regrets in your mind and heart. Let’s face it: sometimes, our bedroom tales don’t leave us with full hearts and happy souls. And that’s OK — as long as we learn from our mistakes and decide to never, ever repeat them. Not even once! Here are six times you wished you didn’t “give it up.”

1. The Ex

This is such a doozy. On the passion level, it’s off the charts! Breakup sex is so intense and heart-wrenching. The orgasms are always memorable, but the feelings afterwards? They’re worse than a college student’s first hangover. Forget vomiting for days. Instead, regret, pain, and heartache follow in a convenient little package for you to dwell over.

Do not repeat this emotionally costly mistake.

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Oh Girl, You Didn’t!


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