8 Ways to Use Your Wedding Dress After Divorce

You were so excited the day you picked out your dress. I remember how I felt just trying my wedding dress on: like a fairy-tale princess, complete with the fluffy Cinderella-style poofy gown. It was perfect for my petite frame, and showed off the “girls” rather well with the strapless neckline. My father, a man who worked in the fashion industry for years, thoroughly approved, and when I look at photos of that day now, I still think to myself, “That was a solid wedding dress choice.”

Of course, now, I am two years separated and almost officially divorced from my ex. Don’t cry for me — be happy for me. I chose the chance of being alone for good, rather than being with someone who didn’t love me for me. The only sadness in it all really is that the chance I took failed, and that my daughter has to go through living between two homes. Even still, the silver lining is she has two parents who love her to no end, and we are both in her life. I made sure to save my wedding photos for her — I am sure she will one day want to view them, but the wedding dress? Well, that’s another story. It has yet to find another use, but here are some “creative” ways to make use out of your old wedding dress after divorce.

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