7 Toxic People to Avoid At All Costs

Here is a list of people you should avoid at all costs.

No matter how much empathy or sympathy you have for these people, don’t get close.

Please dear man or woman, heed my word and avoid these soul suckers:

1- Separated Men & Women:

Unless they’re divorced or have already seen a lawyer or mediator (with real plans to divorce), kick them to the curb for now.

Men tend to grab another woman in order to nurture themselves emotionally and sexually while in the rebound period or  while they are having martial trouble more often than women. Men will use women to nurture their egos.

Yes, I realize women can be vultures this way too, but I have seen many men do this.


If a man or woman has a divorce in process, go for it. Then dating someone with just a separation is okay.

But if not? Screw that.

You’ll end up their emotional binky…they can promise you they love you whether man or woman, but do they? Or are they just lonely and confused? They may just need someone to cure their emotional needs and sexual ones.

Look for a man or woman who is moving on– not whiny, confused or clinging to the past. Otherwise,they will burn you and hurt you and leave your life a hot mess.

2- Addiction

If they’re addicted, be a friend and friend only!

You’re not a therapist! And if you are, don’t practice in your bedroom.

And no, six months sober doesn’t count. Give them a year. Recovering addicts may suggest even longer. I am not sure.


Cheated? Didn’t make up for it? Didn’t try right away to amend the situation?

No thanks.

You can forgive someone for infidelity if he or she tries to amend it, right away and not years later after the bridges have been burned.

If someone messed up, it is okay to offer another chance but the person gets one. Not fifty. At some point you have to walk away. Life happens. Relationships are hard. Forgiveness is key. Being a doormat is not!

4- No Direction

No job? No goals? A ton of excuses for oneself?

Hit the road, woman or man!

You aren’t here to be the person’s spiritual guide. Enough of the excuses. Get it together man!

5- Midnight Callers

Only texting or calling at midnight?

I don’t care what the person’s excuse is:  he or she is using you, my friend.

Unless he or she is a resident, a midnight call is a midnight booty call!

6- Confused Guys or Women

Soul suckers. Real men and women have their minds made up. They are not wishy washy. They do not say one thing and mean another.

If they change their minds constantly or their actions say one thing and their words another… If they cycle and are completely confusing…

These people are utter mind f#cks. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Don’t feel bad for the person. The person’s mom can feel bad! Not you!

7- They Won’t Go to Counseling

Married with a ton of problems and they won’t see a counselor?

Kick him or her to the curb. A real marriage requires introspection. A real marriage takes courage and work and love.

Someone who refuses to change is dead weight.

Trust me my friends.

Don’t do it!


Thank me later,


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