4 Signs You Deserve Better

In case someone did not tell you today, most likely…you deserve better.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you do.
I have seen so many women and men settle for crappy behavior from a partner.
In fact sadly more often than not, it seems like I am cringing when I hear about something a friend or loved one’s partner has done to the other person.
Recently, I met someone whose partner treated him terribly. It was obvious to me but seemed less obvious to him even though it was written on the wall in neon pink paint. It is hard for me as a straight-forward and passionate person to watch people hurt themselves or get hurt.
More still, I have been watching for years, a friend of mine get treated poorly by her partner, day in and day out. My stomach hurts thinking about the lack of love this person has experienced while she gives so much in return.
And ironically so as I write this, I must confess to being someone who has given others a lot and taken less than she deserves more often than not.
Maybe I am the only person that feels this way but when a loved one settles for less than he or she deserves, I have to speak up. Even if most likely, the person will go on and continue to tolerate disrespect, I have to say:
You Deserve Better.

Signs You Deserve Better:
1- Trying Too Hard
 If you are trying hard all the time and the other person gives 25% of what you do or less, you deserve better.
A real man or woman will never make you feel as if you have to prove your worth constantly.
You are worthy as is.
2-Always Sad
If you are always sad, chances are this relationship is not good for you.
I remember really caring about someone and wanting to be involved with him and he “claimed” to like me and care about me, but wasn’t willing to walk away from a former relationship.
It made me feel bad even though I enjoyed his company and saw that we had a lot of potential.
I realized I deserved better than someone who would rather settle for a toxic relationship with someone who wasn’t nice, than start a new one with someone like me who is kind and has her life together.
I realized I deserved someone who would make me a priority than someone who wouldn’t make me important in his life.
You shouldn’t be sad. The person should be a source of happiness.
Like me, you should not be someone’s afterthought!
3- Find Yourself Longing for More
If you find yourself wishing for more in terms of:
Sex & Intimacy
Chances are, the person isn’t offering enough. If you don’t feel like a part of her life, you’re probably not.
4- On the Side
Oh tell me about this one! Do you ever feel like you’re on the periphery of this person’s mind and priorities?
Oh I know this feeling far too well.
I have watched my girlfriend be on the sidelines for years.
I watched the man in the introduction be on the sidelines.
I was recently, on the sidelines.
Someone who loves you puts you on the front line. Bottom line.
 Why You Shouldn’t Settle
  • You are amazing
  • Everyone deserves love
  • Settling decreases your self-esteem and increases your stress
  • Settling is terrible if there are children involved. They are learning from your awful example

Ask to be on his or her front line,

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