5 Stages of Sex – Post Divorce

In divorce, divorce advice, sex on March 17, 2016 at 3:06 pm

As you separate from your partner, a whole new reality is in front of you.

You get to have sex now. With other people!

You may be psyched or you may be deathly frightened of the idea of perhaps, somewhere in the middle of those two emotions. Don’t be surprised if you happen to vacillate between the two: intensely excited and deathly afraid! After being with one person for a long time, potentially decades, it’s almost an out of body experience being with a new person.

The First Stage: REALIZATION

This is the light bulb moment in which you, the person getting a divorce realizes:

“I’m going to get a taste of the strange.”

You might then run wild on Tinder or you might mildly flirt with your local Starbucks barista. No matter how you react, the light bulb is off and this opens a minefield of possibilities in your brain. This is also when people may start to ask you if you’re dating or not after divorce. This is when your very close friends will tell you: “Wait to date,” because they see you’re somewhat vulnerable.

This is when people from your past will pour into your life in droves (for some odd karmic reason).

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