I Survived Rape: Here’s What I Want My Daughter to Know

In girl empowerment, motherhood, parenthood, women's issues on March 22, 2016 at 3:57 pm

My daughter is turning 5. She is not at the age when I can remotely have discussions about such insane acts of abuse and violation like rape. And really, how do I ever sit down and talk to her about the things that real-life monsters do? How do we ever explain these real-life monsters to our children? Many of us don’t have to until we come face to face with one of these true-life villains.

As parents, we don’t come equipped with an employee handbook; there are no clear-cut rules to raising kids besides the golden rules. I can’t “power up” my daughter to avoid every single possible instance of sexual crime, hate crime, general crime, and then some. But I can teach her a few things to help guide her to not only protect herself as best as she can but to also value herself so she aligns herself with positive people and not “dogs who have the fleas.”

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