30 Life Lessons I Learned From Heartbreak

When my ex and I first split, I asked myself, “Why did this all happen?” I didn’t have the ability to process all that this divorce would have in store for me. Eventually though, I pulled so many gems and appreciation for my dissolved marriage. I grew so much and I healed. Even though divorce always seems to bring about new situations and sometimes struggles, I am not defined by divorce anymore.

And then when I met someone I really adored in my single world almost two years after divorce and it didn’t pan out due to issues on his end, I asked the same question, somewhat differently:
‘Why did I meet this man?”

This time though, it didn’t take me so long to garner life lessons and information to help me in my search for the “perfect for me” partner.

1. Not Everyone Can Be Forever

Most people we date will not be for forever. Most will be for a season or a reason — not a lifetime.
True love is special. If it happened every day, no one would care about it.

I really loved my husband and I am pretty sure he loved me, but either way, I know he was my first love, and I am glad I had the experience.

As far as “mystery guy,” he said he loved me but whether he loved me or not remains to be known and it will remain a mystery…

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To Those That Left; Thank You– I Deserved Better,


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