11 Things All Single Moms Think but Don’t Say

In divorce, motherhood, single mom on March 28, 2016 at 8:16 pm

There are some things a single mother thinks but most certainly won’t say! Unless, of course, we are running on pure fumes (happens often), wine (nighttime exists for a reason and bedtime too!), or totally off our rails (happens to the best of us). Here are a few things a single mom might be pondering but she won’t say.

Yes, Your Husband Being Away is EXACTLY Like Being a Single Parent

We have compassion for all parents and any and all mothering scenarios, but when you tell us your husband being away is like being a single parent, we ask you with our tongue in cheeks:

Is your bank account like a single parent’s?

Do you file single or head of household on your taxes?

Are you also online trying to find love with some of the biggest horror shows known to mankind?

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  1. YES! i agree so much with the single parent for the week comment. its so ridiculous! i wish people really knew what they were saying and how it’s like a slap in the face when they say, i’m so thankful they will be home in ___ days.” (eye roll)

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