5 Brutal Reasons Married People Are Threatened By Divorced People

Newsflash: Divorce isn’t contagious.

When I went public with the news about my divorce, most people were very kind about it. Of course, there were the “problem people”: the unhappily married guy thinking I might be desperate enough to solve his “problem,” or the married person who felt I was a threat to her marriage.

A friend of mine’s wife didn’t really want him to be around me anymore. It didn’t matter that we were friends for years and never anything else — not an inkling of romance. It didn’t matter that she knew me, too. Somehow, I suddenly became a threat.

The reality is that most of my married friends aren’t threatened by me or anyone else who’s divorced, but certain married people are threatened by divorced folks. Here’s why:

  1. Their marriage isn’t as great as they want it to be.

The person in the problematic marriage will most definitely be threatened by your divorce. Why? Because you, the divorced person, possibly represent this person’s future. Unless the divorce process was a piece of cake for you, your friend isn’t looking forward to potentially going through the same heartaches and headaches as you.

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Don’t Be Insecure,


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