If You Have a Divorced Friend, DON’T Tell Her These 6 Things

In divorce, divorce advice, friendship on March 30, 2016 at 8:46 pm

Getting a divorce is a tough decision, and most likely if you’ve made the call to end your marriage, you know how hard it can be to regroup. This is why friends and loved ones will (hopefully) be by your side during the process. Expect right away that people — even strangers — will give you unsolicited advice, and most of it is done out of the goodness of their own hearts. People want to help and hate to see people sad or uncoupled. Folks are in love with love, and your divorce may be a cruel reminder that sometimes, Cinderella doesn’t find Prince Charming. After a while, though, despite all the best intentions people may have, it can be draining to hear the “same old” stuff spewed at you from the mailman to your cousin’s best friend’s boyfriend. Here are six things divorced women don’t want to hear anymore. Thanks in advance.

1. “Wow, that must be awful.”

Yes, sometimes divorce is awful, and if you ask someone at the right moment, she might agree. However, after some time, divorce is not so awful and it is just another life challenge a woman or man completed.

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  1. Love the last statement in that article:
    ‘You are an independently owned gem’
    So right…:-)

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