Your Only Child Is Not Your Therapist

Having my only child is a great blessing for me, considering it was hard enough to get her here to meet me. I grew up in a home of four girls, me being the youngest, and life was colorful, loud, and chaotic until my three older sisters left the home — and me — behind when I was 12 years old. The three of them went off into the world, and essentially, I was like an only child at home. Still, having an only was sort of different to me because my daughter’s childhood and home life are so vastly different from my own, but I have found the only-child relationship between me and my daughter to be amazing. The closeness, the one-on-one interactions, and the ability to give her the focus and attention she needs is wonderful. The bond the two of us share will be irreplaceable for life. But as she gets older, I see there will be precautions I will need to take as a parent in order to avoid putting too much on those sturdy girl shoulders.

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Be Careful What You Say,


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