4 Mistakes Every Mom Makes With the First Child

It’s your first child . . . ahh! Everyone, break out the hand sanitizer before you come within two feet of my kid.

Remember that stage? Remember wishing you could put your baby in a bubble? Remember attempting to build said bubble? As a mom of an only, I watch parents with their second and third children and I see a clear difference between how they handle the kids and how I handled my first. The fact is the first child is in many ways, the guinea pig and the showstopper of our parenthood. By that I mean we are testing out everything as we gain our motherhood legs. We’ve never been mothers before and despite what people told us, it isn’t quite what we had thought. It’s better and sometimes, it’s worse than had we imagined. The first child grows with us. The first child learns lessons because we didn’t know better. The first child has our attention, 24/7. We focus on them and we put on our “very best parenting hats” because let’s face it: the more kids, the more tired you are. I am the youngest of four girls. I stand by that statement. As long as I was breathing, all was right with the world.

To all the first children out there, you got the best of us as parents and in some ways, the worst of our learning curve. We apologize in advance, but it’s just life, kiddo.

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We’re Learning With Our First Kid,


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