8 Signs You’re the Worst Mother Ever

1. You’ve said “no” to your threenager 

Threenager (n): A tiny person of three years of age who is moody, unpredictable, demanding and similar to its older peer, the teenager.

Your threenager believes that marshmallows and puffs are the dinner of champions but you as the mother put the kibosh on the sweet treats for dinner and instead, provide a meal that encompasses all four of the food groups. Survey Says? You’re the meanest most awful mom to ever exist, according to your threenager, that is.

2. You can’t Pinterest if your life depended on it, and according to your kid, it does

Your child wants you to make Star Wars-themed cupcakes for the class party.

“Can’t you make Yoda-looking cupcakes like Sophia’s mom?”

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