Functional Vs. Dysfunctional Relationships: The 10 BIG Differences

Some people wouldn’t know a toxic relationship if it bit them in the ass. I’m always surprised how some people can float around in unstable relationships, not realizing that how the two of them interact is completely harmful. Most of the time, I would wager that when you feel bad about yourself or have grown up and experienced toxic people in your life, you often associate these behaviors as “normal” because it’s all you know.

But if you want to know if a relationship is functional or totally, utterly dysfunctional, here are the 10 big differences that clearly delineate the two.  See where your relationship lies.

  1. Stability 

Functional: A functional relationship is marked by stability. Stable moods between the couple. Stable relations. Stable commitment. Every relationship has moments of instability and mystery, but for the most part things will be smooth. Functional relationships command stability.

Dysfunctional: Constant ups and downs, and instability and uncertainty, are the true marks of a dysfunctional relationship.

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Where Do You Two Lie?


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