Getting Pregnant During The Divorce Process

Jennifer Garner. Megan Fox. Julia Roberts.

The list of stars undergoing a divorce, who are also pregnant, is rapidly growing.

To be frank, my first thought was “WTF, celebs?”

I mean, I won’t lie. Jen and Ben are quite possibly my favorite celebrity couple, minus Brangelina because they’re both so incredibly hot, but getting pregnant is the absolute worst way to save a marriage or go through the divorce process. This isn’t to say that a pregnant woman shouldn’t leave a partner! No, not at all. But what I am saying is, getting pregnant while a couple is having serious marital strife and filing for divorce is irresponsible. So what is really happening here, underneath the surface? Because these celebs wouldn’t be the first people to think that a baby can save a marriage.

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Don’t Do IT!


2 thoughts on “Getting Pregnant During The Divorce Process

  1. myendofertilityjourney says:

    On the flip side. I got pregnant and after I got pregnant with our first, my husband cheated and left me. How nice eh? Yeah, that actually happens a lot apparently. Insane.

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