5 Reasons Being a Mom Makes You Sexier

The whole “MILF” thing is really unnecessary. I mean, everyone knows that moms are sexy, 24/7. We don’t need a special title of “MILF” or “Cougar Mom” to embrace our sexiness. There are so many reasons that motherhood just immediately makes you one sexy mutha f*cker, in the words of the late, great Prince.

Buckle up, sexy momma! Let’s discuss some reasons being “mother” to one or many makes you so darn hot!

1. Nothing Like a Squirt

Squirting breast milk everywhere like a fountain? Leaking when you hear babies cry? Rock-hard breasts that feel like boulders on your sternum? Oh yes, porn stars everywhere are jealous of the nursing mom or the mom whose milk has finally come in. There’s nothing sexier than that! Truly. Now, is that a statement piece you’re wearing, or did you leak again?

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Squirting & Spit-Up,


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