How to Piss Off People With Your Parenting

For some reason, the whole world loves to comment on parents. We’re never doing a “good enough job” or somehow, we made a mistake and crap — didn’t we all know we aren’t supposed to make mistakes?! Especially mothers.

They rake mothers against the coals and by “they” I mean, the public. Gorilla incident anyone?

So instead of trying to deny our parenthood or apologize every single damn time our kids make a noise or a scene in public because, you know kids are supposed to be seen and not heard, why not piss people off more, with our parenting? This is, apparently, the early 19th century or so and kids aren’t supposed to be kids. They’re supposed to be silent, mature adults and moms and dads are supposed to be perfect parents, 24/7. Since that’s not possible and we know that because we are moms, let’s show the public how it’s done:

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Make Them Mad,


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