The Secret Fear That No Mom Wants to Say Out Loud

In a day and age in which there’s a shooting seemingly every day, there is so much for a mom to fear. A part of me can’t help but wax nostalgic and idealize the time in which I got to be a child and grow up. Now, times feel scarier by the minute. If a mom thinks too much about what’s going on in the world, she might go crazy. This is something we can all explicitly state and share with each other: today’s world is scary. Many of us are afraid. It’s socially acceptable to share this.

But there is one fear that no mom wants to dare say out loud.
One thing that we all think from time to time, but dare not say because, well, it makes us feel ashamed.
Inferior to our peers.

The mommy wars exist not because they have to for survival, but because inside of many of us — all of us, I daresay — is a fear that perhaps we are doing this motherhood thing all wrong. That perhaps we really don’t have a clue about what we are doing with our children.

The secret fear that maybe we don’t know what we are doing at all.
That maybe, as a mom, we are just not good enough.

Let’s be honest — mommy wars also exist because we are all (well, I think) evolutionary mammals striving to survive and thrive in a modern-day world that changes faster than we can gather another breath. If we aren’t parenting our kids effectively or making smart choices, our kids and our own selves won’t do well.

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We Are Good Enough,


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