The Important Thing I Learned While Struggling to Be the Perfect Parent

I wish there were a rulebook that came with babies when they are born, but there isn’t. There isn’t even a rulebook for one set of moms versus the other. The only thing that is certain about motherhood and parenting is that there is no hard and fast set of rules other than, “Do your best to not hurt your child and keep him/her well cared-for.”

Other than that, it’s all up for interpretation. What you think is the right way to raise one child may be the wrong way to raise your second child or someone else’s child, or vice versa! We all think we are doing what is right for our kids but the reality is we may not really know how “right” or correct we are, until our kids are up and grown from our homes, showing us how they “turned out” as adults.

I think the hardest lesson I personally needed to learn about parenting (so far — yes, the chapter isn’t closed . . . I am still in the early childhood to elementary years, and is it ever closed?) was that I don’t really know all the answers and that sometimes you have to test things out and watch for the results.

That I can never be perfect as a mom, but I can be “good enough.” That in parenting, there are rarely any A+’s and far more B’s and C’s. Sometimes even D’s and F’s — but we try. We try for that A, time and time again.

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We Are All Perfectly Imperfect,


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