7 Ways to Handle the Know-It-All Mom of the Group

You think you have something to offer during a conversation among moms with your own parenting experience, when BAM!, the “Mom Who Knows It All” (hereby known as the MWKA) strikes. She’s got the answer to every problem or her two cents to add in about everything, which she clearly feels is more valuable than what you have to say as she either discredits your input or talks right over you in the process.

It’s easy to get angry at MWKA, but there’s one important thing to remember before you get red in the face.

The MWKA is insecure. She has to say what she does is the “best way” because deep down inside she’s either afraid she’s completely messing up or because she wants people to value her and like her. By adding her opinion in — even if she discredits yours — she thinks this will make her seem valuable and well-liked. She’s not trying (well, in many cases) to be rude to you even if she is; instead, she’s trying to become or seem important.

Keeping this information in mind, here are seven tips for dealing with the MWKA.

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