11 Awesome Things From Our Childhood That Our Kids Will Never Get To Do

Every generation of kids thinks they have it better/worse/easier or harder than the previous, but in my opinion, it’s not that easy to compare a whole generation of time and being to another. However, there are some awesome things that I got to do as a kid that my daughter will most likely never experience, and quite frankly, that stinks—for her!

1. Making Prank Calls

I’m not sorry in admitting I loved prank calling people. I was damn good at it, and it continued all the way up through college.

But with smartphone technology, sure you can block a number, but it’s much easier to get caught. And besides, kids today can tweet, Snapchat and Facebook each other a bunch of nonsense under fake profiles.

Still, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of live prank calling.

2. Playing MASH

Our kids will never know how awesome it is to discover your entire future on a piece of paper.

Mansion. Apartment. Shack. House.

Single. Married. Divorce.

How many kids you had.

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I Was Promised a Mansion,


3 thoughts on “11 Awesome Things From Our Childhood That Our Kids Will Never Get To Do

  1. deirdre1978 says:

    Yes to every single one of these things!!

    I’d like to add…
    1. The scientific approach to fast forwarding and rewinding properly on VHS tapes
    2. Creating mixed tapes using a boom box and cassette and sitting there to make sure you stop at just before the commercial comes on
    3. Playing on the fire escape of your apartment building
    4. Sharing a bedroom (well, my kid at least), the joy and horror of taking string and taping it to the walls to mark “your side” and “my side.”
    5. Making a mistake while dialing on a rotary phone and having to hang up to start all over again.
    7. Taking said rotary phone and stretching the cord to it’s ultimate limit to reach another room so you could have a bit of privacy.
    8. No play dates. Hearing mom just say “go out and play.”
    9. Not receiving a trophy just for participating. Sometimes people win, sometimes people lose, it’s life kids.
    10. When the Nintendo goes fuzzy – having to take out the cartridge, blow into it and put it back in…..bam, good as new!


    Hope that made you smile.

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