7 Things Your Divorce Attorney Thinks About You

You pay your attorney a lot of money per hour that sometimes, your lawyer feels akin to an expensive boyfriend or girlfriend. Sometimes you think it might be easier if you just handed over your paycheck to your lawyer, or have him or her dole out an allowance to you on your earnings… since most of your money goes to your legal bill anyway! Hopefully if you’re like me, you really like your family lawyer, but even if you don’t, have you ever considered what he or she thinks about you?

Are you your divorce attorney’s worst client or favorite?

7 things your divorce attorney thinks about you:

1 – You’re not always reasonable

Some of your requests are just batty or clearly the sign of an angry spouse. If your attorney is a good attorney, he or she will tell you flat out that’s not something that will:

  • A-Stand in court


  • B-Is reasonable enough for you to ask

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Calm or Crazy?


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