Enjoying The Treats of Divorce

It’s easy to focus on the “tricks” or downsides of divorce only because that is usually what people focus on and talk about, whether inside or outside of the divorce. The money spent on lawyers…or the time spent getting divorce…or both. The paperwork. The loss of assets. The fighting. The splitting of custody. The kids’ heartaches. Your heartaches. Your spouse’s heartaches. The drama.

People tend to focus on all the sh*tshow aspects of divorce that make it like a soap opera because it can be that devastating and for the “outsiders” who aren’t getting the actual divorce, it’s fodder for gossip.

That said, so rarely do people dish and share all the “treats” of divorce. And for those people who do enjoy such treats, there may be a guilt factor like, “Why am I not mourning this?” or “Why am I so happy now?”

Well, you wouldn’t be getting a divorce if your marriage was sunshine and kittens, now would you?

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Trick or Treat,


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