You– Yes, YOU– Deserve Someone Who Is 100% Sold On You

Ambivalent desire can truly drive you crazy. One minute the person wants you– and the next minute … not so much.

You could probably go nuts trying to understand why someone is so on the fence about you, but it wouldn’t be worth it.

Someone who really cares about you will be firm in his or her convictions or at the very least, trying to overcome whatever is causing his or her ambivalence.

Maybe the person is seeing other people and weighing out his or her options.

Maybe the person has questions about your character or questions about your chemistry or value as a partner. Maybe the person is wondering if you two can really go the distance or not.

After a break up or bad love experience, many of us are ambivalent or torn about relationships again.

A person can be skittish to date or get involved after being badly burned. In turn, the person tries to avoid being close to anyone.

For some people, they may have had poor early relationships with their family– developing poor attachment skills.

Maybe the person had a mother or father who avoided attaching to him or her or worse– was ambivalent about the relationship with his or her child.

Those early family relationships can also greatly factor into how people attach to others, later on.

It can be any number of reasons that are factoring into this person’s ambivalence.

At the end of the day, you deserve someone who is certain– or at the very least, certainly working on his or her issues in order to form a loving and committed relationship with you.

Everyone deserves someone rooting in that corner–

Everyone deserves to feel loved and supported.

You deserve it,


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