Everyone Deserves Someone Who Chooses Them, Each And Every Single Day

One of the reasons I am single is that I haven’t met someone who I would choose and who would choose me,  to be with, each and every morning.

Really, being in a relationship means waking up and deciding— “Yeah man, I’ll be with you for another day because it makes me happy and I can’t imagine not being with you. “

We all deserve that person who chooses to be with us when he or she wakes up. Who turns to us and thinks, “You make my life pretty damn good, you know that?”

We don’t need someone who kinda sorta likes us. We don’t need someone who is with us because he or she is afraid of being alone, bored, lonely, needy or looking for a financial meal ticket or source of stability.

We need someone who knows that with us, life is better and more fulfilling

We need someone who feels that he or she is a better human being when we’re in that person’s life

You— me— all of us. We deserve someone who chooses us because we make that person’s world a better place.

This is why when people try to set me up or tell me to just go out with someone so I have company, I say no.

I don’t need a space filler or a warm body.

I am fine on my own and until I meet someone that chooses to be with me each day and makes me feel like a priority and special, I will wait.

I also want to meet someone that I know will make my life a better life. Not someone to just hang out with. I hung out when I was in my twenties and needing company. I don’t need that anymore because I am a grown woman with a full life.

Maybe I will never meet someone I want to choose each day but I’ll be damned if I am going to settle for a space filler.

I don’t need it.  Neither do you.

Wait for the person who knows the words to the song in your heart. And until then, keep singing your song and letting your melody be heard. Eventually, the harmony will come.

Sing a Song,



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