5 Things to Do for a Partner Who Has Been Through Trauma

If you have been in a traumatic situation and are struggling to recover, rest assured: you are not the only person to have experienced this.

Trauma could be anything:

  • an accident
  • abuse
  • mugging
  • disastrous storm or natural event
  • rape
  • losing a loved one

Whatever the case, after enduring something traumatic, it can be hard without the right support. So, if you have a partner you love and are watching them struggle through something like this, here are 5 key things you can do to help your partner out.

1. Listen

Sometimes the person just needs to talk and be heard. Sometimes the person needs to just let it out, whether it’s through tears, punching a pillow or what have you.

The best thing you can do is to be there for the person and present.

No one needs to be abandoned after such heartache.

2. Support

Find tools for your partner– a therapist’s name, a support group. Help the person out at home. Lift the person’s burdens for a while as he or she moves through the emotions.

3. Distract

Sometimes a person who has been traumatized just needs a distraction. That person just needs a little fun diversion. Something to get away from those bad memories.

4. Help

If your partner seems to be in serious distress, have the person screened for PTSD, and try to find services as the person could be too overwhelmed to even take that step.

5. Love

Show that person you love them even if the person is not acting like he or she normally would. Offer your love, words of kindness and physical touch (if touch doesn’t trigger your partner.)

Just Be There,






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