Are You Happy or Just Settling?

Have you done a recent check on your relationship and how it’s going? Are you feeling like perhaps your relationship is missing something or like you’re missing something?

Does it feel like you’re truly loved in the way you need to be loved?

If you’re struggling and unsure if you are really demanding the best of others or, taking whatever you can get– use  these tips to get some clarity.

Do you have to work hard to get your partner’s love, or do they give it willingly?

If your partner gives it willingly, then you are not settling.

If your partner makes you jump through hoops, is inconsistent, or withholds emotions, you are settling.

Do you take whatever your partner gives or do you set clear boundaries and expectations?

If you take whatever your partner gives you, you are a dog begging for treats and snapping them up when the getting is good.

The problem is if your partner is inconsistent and not emotionally available, you will have to wait and wait and wait … for more treats (love).

That is settling.

Do you miss out on getting your needs met most of the time, or just a little?

What are your love needs?

Do you need time together? Physical touch? Verbal affirmations?

If your partner meets these needs most of the time, that’s great!

But … if your partner meets these needs just a little bit … you are settling.

Is your partner happy with how things are, but you aren’t?

It works for her or him, but not you– yet you’re not speaking up? You’re settling.

It’s easy to settle when you are scared, vulnerable or not confident.

Try to believe that someone better will come your way.

Stop begging on hind legs for what you deserve.

Don’t surrender,


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