6 Things You Must Do to Be a Good Partner

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, gay or straight or bi or any other orientation. It doesn’t matter if you are never married, married twice or newly divorced.

If you want to get love from someone, you have to give back of yourself.

Relationships shouldn’t be one-sided; they are reciprocal arrangements where both people get to exist happily according to each other’s various needs.

These are the 6 key things you must have and give to be a good partner.

Let’s get started:

1. Must be giving: you cannot take constantly or be selfish. However, in each relationship there are times where one person can be more selfish than the other and vice versa. This is “okay” as long as it is balanced in the long run and both parties feel validated.

2.  Must be flexible: relationships change. People change. Wanting things on your terms all the time is not realistic. Not being able to adjust or adapt makes for a very boring, rigid and difficult relationship.

3.  Must express feelings in some way: Whether it’s physical, verbal or through actions or time, each person must express care and love for the other. Without it, there is no way for it to continue.

4.  Must want to hear the other person out: Love is listening. Listening is love. If you can’t hear the other side, you can’t have a healthy relationship.

5. Must be willing to improve yourself: If you want to stay the same, be the same and never grow, your relationship won’t work out. The other party will grow and move on without you. We are all works in progress– accept this and get to work!

6. Must be willing to learn what the other party needs: If you keep buying her gifts and all she wants is your time, you will have two unhappy people. The two of you have to be willing to learn what the other needs.

If relationships were always simple, life would be boring and we wouldn’t value the ones we have so much.

Put a little self-reflection in and decide how good of a partner you really are … or not.

Reality Check,


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