6 Ways to Tell If Your Partner Thinks You’re Replaceable

Have you ever felt like your partner– male or female, gay or straight or otherwise– would be ok replacing you at any minute?

Have you ever felt like you weren’t significant to this person or perhaps, like he or she always has eyes open for other candidates?

It’s not a great feeling.

I’ve heard many friends and loved ones tell me how they feel as if their partner wasn’t really committed all the way. In some cases, it was paranoia. In other cases, their partner wasn’t really committed.

Here are 6 ways to tell if your partner thinks you’re replaceable … or not.

1- Includes you on decisions and life goals

Someone that finds you special includes you.

Someone that finds you replaceable excludes you.

2- Sees you in his or her future

Are you in this person’s calendar down the line?

If you’re not even a figure in his/her three month planner– you’re replaceable.

3-Rarely expresses appreciation or emotions for you

Silence speaks volumes.

If your hear crickets– he/she isn’t invested. You could be replaced any day.

4- Avoids commitment in any tangible or real way

There is no greater sign that you are replaceable than this one.

5- Incorporates you into his/her personal life

You know her friends. He has told his best guy about you.

You’re a keeper.

You know nobody.  You could be dumped any second.

6- Makes a lot of effort to spend time with you even when busy

Your partner includes you and finds way to sneak in time together. You are a priority on his or her long list of stuff to do.

Your partner doesn’t include you. He or she doesn’t want to do things with you very often. You are low on the list.

You’re replaceable. An understudy for whomever he or she really cares for.

Read this list. See where you fall– or don’t.

And if your partner seems to deem you replaceable, perhaps it’s time you replace him or her …

Your life is precious. Make the moments matter with people who really love you.

Be Strong,





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