That Moment When You Realize You Deserve More

There is no moment more magical than the moment where you realize you deserve more. Better. The best.

The only moment more magical would be meeting someone you love and cherish. The first time you set eyes on that person.

But the moment when you realize that you’re getting shortchanged and deserve better is a pivotal moment.

Because two things can happen in that moment:

1- You commit to demanding better for yourself OR

2- You recognize you deserve better, but keep living the same damn way.

If you take the route of #2, you will keep feeling unfulfilled. You will keep feeling like something is missing, because it is!

If you are settling for a love that is half-hearted, you will always be hurting.

But, if you take the route of #1, you will set the bar high enough that no meager candidate will be able to meet. The only party that can tap the bar is someone who will give you his or her:

  • Complete attention
  • Devotion
  • Care
  • Love
  • Time

The hard part of setting the bar so high is waiting. It’s waiting for someone to pass through. It’s hurting and feeling lonely in the midterm. It’s maddening to be patient.

It’s also scary. What if no one ever loves you the way you deserve?

Love is a religion of sorts. In order for it to enter your life, you have to have faith, work hard and maintain devotion— all while making sure the “love” you’re loving is kind, caring and worthy of such time and attention.

So, when that moment comes and you see that perhaps you deserve more, don’t ignore it.

Run with it. It will be a hard and lonely path for a while but eventually, someone will join you for the distance.

Good Vibes and Positive Thinking,


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