The Recipe for a Great Relationship

The recipe of a good partner is a mix of connection, chemistry, dedication and direction.

Connection— the feeling of closeness, comfort and unity.

Chemistry– the feeling of passion and desire.

Dedication– the act of continuous care, collaboration and work.

Direction– is the act of taking your connection, chemistry and dedication for each other forward.

Without a good dose of all of these ingredients combined, your relationship will lack.

Can you imagine a partner with chemistry but has no dedication or direction? What about a partner that has dedication with no chemistry?

To really have love take off, you need the right mix, but which ingredient is more important than the other?

I wish it was an easy answer.

Chemistry and connection is very rare. To me, those things are very special and like sightings in the wild.

Dedication on the other hand, can be crafted by many. Many of us can learn to be hard workers– we just can’t magically create chemistry. However, without dedication the connection can’t go anywhere.

Direction is incredibly vital. It’s the way your relationship exists and takes shape over time.

So I guess, a relationship is such a carefully crafted work of art that it is no wonder why so many people will try so hard to keep that work of art together.

The question always is– every day, really– how much do the both of you want to continue on … or not?





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