The Benefits of A Relationship Vs. Benefits of Being Single

You want to date or you want to be alone. All of this is dependent on your perspective and current needs.

Dating someone or being single both have pro’s and cons– and it’s up to you to decide which “pros” are more desirable.

Here are the pros of being part of a couple versus being a swinging single:

Happily Coupled

1. Safe sex (usually)

Not only is the sex safe, but the sex is often reliable, enjoyable and experimental if you two so choose. When a relationship is safe and happy, often two people can really explore their desires and this is amazing. Not to mention without fear (usually) of STD’s etc. Of course, many people want a monogamous situation, and this will limit the ability to be with others.

2. Shared resources

When you’re part of a couple, you usually share mental, financial and physical resources. Two are better than one as the saying goes. You have someone to turn to and vice versa. It is very beneficial.

It does mean that you often cannot act without someone else weighing in on these resources.

3. Stepping stone

While you accomplish your goals, you can often count on your partner to push and lift you up … and vice versa. The two of you help catapult each other, rising higher and higher.

4. The more the merrier

Parties, holidays, day trips, vacations, hobbies, you name it! The two of you together enjoy so much. This may mean more compromise however, about the social life you live as a couple and as individuals.

Swinging Single

1. Opportunities for sex increases… with other people

With this increase, comes more complications sometimes. But it can also bring more freedom without attachments and perhaps, the ability to experiment. It all depends on the people you choose, how many people you see, and how complicated it might get.

It could also make you feel as if sex is less available, less safe and special. You may find yourself less sexually inclined– or the opposite.

2. Independent direction

You get to choose your path and forge the way! You are the boss! However,  your resources solely will also be responsible for every journey. The pro to that is no one can tell you no. This is not a group decision. This is your choice only without catering to someone else.

3. Reaching for community

You will build your own community to help lift you up and also– learn to be resourceful on your own. That is empowering.

4. Solo act

You get to choose whether to retreat,  join in, celebrate, relax or go on strike. It really is your stage and your stage only! But this also means that everything is up to you. Everything.

Both “statuses” come with pros and cons.

It’s up to you to choose which path you will take.

With Love,


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