7 Traits ALL Good Partners Have in Relationships


Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

If you want to love someone, it doesn’t matter what gender or preference you are. Without these 7 traits, you can’t fully care about someone in a positive way.

Let’s dive in:

1. Honesty- Not Harshness

Being honest with each other makes for good communication but remember you don’t need to share every little last thought with the person.

Also– you’re not here to make someone perfect, so be kind with your words. Harshness will not build a relationship.

2. Available- Not Needy or a Doormat

Be available to the person you care about– emotionally and physically.

However, you are not a slave and you also deserve alone time and space. A healthy person will respect that.

Additionally, being too needy and in someone’s face is too much! It’s a balance.

3. Demonstrative- Not Flashy

After a while, grand gestures seem fake. Instead, be consistently demonstrative of your feelings in a way that is natural to you, whether offering your time, your affection or your words of love.

4. Warmth

Coldness won’t spark a fire or endear anyone to you. Being warm matters– a lot.

It can make the relationship.

5. Fulfilled Independently

A good partner is already full of hobbies, ideas and direction.

He or she is not looking for the one person to fulfill it all.

For example, I work, I do side projects, I dance, I work out, and I am busy with my daughter. My life is full. Someone else would just add to it.

6. Caring

Someone who cares is a good candidate. Someone who thinks thoughtfully about the person he or she cares for is a great potential partner.

7. Not Afraid to Make The Effort

You don’t need to kill yourself to get the love you want, but if you want to be a good partner, don’t be afraid to make the effort. Relationships are a dance: sometimes one person takes the lead, sometimes the other. Sometimes one person slows down the pace, sometimes one person picks it up. You can cha-cha or you can waltz. Just be prepared to move your feet.



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