How to Make Your Partner’s Bad Day Better


Photo by Abo Ngalonkulu on Unsplash

Is your love interest or partner/spouse having a bad day? How can you help, if at all?

You can do a lot to make your person’s day better. Of course, a lot depends on the person and his or her coping style, but here are some great ideas– steps to take, when your loved one has had a rough day.

For me, a York Peppermint Patty or Godiva doesn’t hurt. Not to mention a massage!

However, everyone is different:

  • Lend an ear: Some people just need to talk out their bad day. Give your lover an ear or two …
  • Give some space: Some people need to be alone to grumble a bit, think or just be alone. Sometimes the act of giving space is a very kind one.

  • Offer a massage, hug or cuddle time: Physical touch is very transformative, however, you know your partner’s “touch” needs more than anyone. Some folks need that hug. Others need a bed session. Others need to be alone.
  • Make  it sweet: A special treat, like some chocolate or a favorite pastry can make someone feel good.
  • Lessen the person’s load: Can you cook dinner? Can you do a chore or errand to help this person get some time to breathe?
  • Motivate some actions: If the person needs advice or is having trouble making decisions and wants your help, kick start this person into action!
  • Soothe with a bath or foot massage.
  • Relax with this person: How about a movie in bed or a drink together?

Life is short. Make your partner, love interest or catch’s bad day better by being a help, not a hurt.

X’s and O’s,


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