What Your Love Interest Wants You to “Buy” This Holiday Season


Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

If you just met someone, have been with them for a while or care about someone and want to show them you actually care about them beyond the surface/physical … here are things you can “get” this love interest, and none of them are gifts. Although of course if you’d like to buy this person a gift, by all means do so! I’ll have some bonus tips on picking the right gift thrown in.

First, the biggest thing you can give this person is your Time.

Time to spend together, get to know each other and appreciate each other is the biggest gift of all.

But this time has to be well-spent.

Put away your phones! No surfing the internet while with this person.

Set aside your distractions.

Even if it’s just for two hours, two hours of quality time beats an afternoon where your love interest stares at his or her phone all day.

The second biggest thing you can give this person is your Affection.

Affection can be expressed a variety of ways, like:

  • Physical touch– sex, hugs, holding hands, kissing, massages, brushing hair, rubbing feet, etc.
  • Eye contact while talking
  • Playful words, romantic words and nicknames

The third biggest thing you can give is your  Attention.

Attention shows you care and are an active participant in this person’s life.

Giving your  attention means:

  • Remembering things this person says
  • Surprising this person with things they need or want
  • Making plans or just showing up to see them— a surprise visit is usually welcome by most love interests!
  • Staying focused on the person rather than being distracted or on the phone
  • Carving out time to do something your lover wants you to do or carving out time to listen to your interest talk

All of these things go way further than a gift, but if you’re in the gift-giving mood, consider these tips:

  1. Buy something he/she can’t afford but really wants
  2. Surprise your person with something that he/she didn’t ask for, but you think would like
  3. Make it sentimental– perhaps photo of the two of you
  4. Go the sexy route and surprise him or her with something a little racy
  5. Bang it out with a piece of statement jewelry or something flashy for him IF you think the person would like it
  6. Make plans to do something, see a show, go away, have a couples’ massage or something else rather than a gift
  7. Make it useful and small– if it’s a new relationship or you just met

Truly though, the 3 things I mentioned are what your love interest most likely wants more than anything else.

Find That Mistletoe,




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