How to Handle Being Single at The Holidays


Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Single at the holidays? It can make you feel that truly, baby– it’s damn cold outside! Not to mention those lonely mistletoes hanging around with no action to be seen. Of course, your bedroom isn’t seeing much action either, eh?

I think too many people put pressure to have love at the holidays. Not that I can blame them. Kissing at midnight when the ball drops? Champagne and bubble baths? Getting some warmth on these frigid December nights? It all sounds incredibly appealing …

So, what do you do then if you’re single? If you enjoy your single days– well then, yay! Simply bask in the joy of not having to buy someone else a gift. Or dealing with someone’s family.

However if it bothers you, here are some things to keep in mind:

It’s Better to Be Single Than With Someone Who Doesn’t Want You– Or The Wrong Person!

There is no more miserable holiday than one spent with the wrong partner or someone who is just not good to you. Worse is someone who doesn’t want you but just settles for you or sees you out of obligation!

Being single doesn’t sound too bad now, does it?

Try being under the mistletoe with a soon-to-be ex spouse OR popping champagne with someone who doesn’t love you or really get you.

I’d rather drink alone, thanks!

You Never Know Who You’ll Meet in 2020!

The right person could be around the corner. You never know! There are so many amazing possibilities that could happen each day. Cherish being single, solo and sexy for as long as you can knowing that the right person will show up soon enough.

The Holidays Are Wonderful in Itself– Even Without A Best Man/Woman By Your Side!

It’s a nice time of year. People are often but not always, nicer. Chocolate is in abundance.

Sales are in abundance. Holiday movies are some of my faves. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, how could you not love  Bad Santa, A Christmas Story, Scrooged or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?

Find joy this holiday season even if you don’t celebrate anything. Find joy because you want to be happy.

Someone perfect for you is around the corner. For all of us!

Jingle Bells, Batman Was a Fox,



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