How to Meet New Friends, Dates & Romantic Partners


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Looking to date? Want to make friends?

Meeting new people when you’re out of college and a full-grown adult can be challenging for many people, especially if you’re a parent. Dating is probably even harder than making friends at this stage, but both bring certain challenges.

I’m fortunate in that I have always been extroverted and quick to make friends– and for the most part, keep them. I feel lucky to have the friends that I do. But after moving to a new town a few years ago, I have definitely missed my old hometown peeps, but I’ve been making/or made other friends as well, all while sustaining old friendships.

Dating is a different ball of wax. Of course, there are a billion online avenues to take if you want to meet someone, but online isn’t the only or best way to go. It all depends on your own unique needs and wants.

So, if you’re looking to make new friends or get dates, try these suggestions:

1. Get Out of Your House

Try new activities. If you’re looking to meet the opposite gender, consider the activity!

If you simply want to make friends, get involved with your town. Go to local events, join groups or clubs and show your face places!

Yes, it will take time but with each outing, you get the chance to know people better.

With dating, of course it’s a little different but you won’t meet anyone from the comfort of your home unless you’re online and even still … at some point, you need to go out and meet the person.

2. Ask Questions & Smile

Don’t be incredibly nosy, but ask people simple easy questions like:

  • Where do they live and what their name is
  • How they enjoy the activity/location/or their day

And obviously, ask the person for his or her name!

You don’t want to be nosy but, most people like to talk about themselves. Showing a bit of interest allows the person to talk and for you to learn about them.

Smiling is simply a warm way of inviting others to come to you!

Don’t forget too that your body language will also either prevent people from talking to you or invite you to them. This is especially true with dating!

3. Be Inquisitive

Ask friends or family– even acquaintances or coworkers if they might know someone to date or, someone they think would make for a good friend or working connection.

The people who know you best are probably good judges of who you might click with.

4. Try New Experiences

It’s easy to go run to a gym if you love lifting weights or do join a political group if you love talking politics.

It’s not as easy to try something you’re curious about but not familiar with.

Whether it’s a weekend spot or a local artists’ gathering, open your mind to new experiences. You never know what will become a favorite place, thing and in turn– a favorite person of yours by trying new things!

A great way to test out new situations and people is through If you take a look, you’ll find just about every type of group and gathering!

5. Offer Yourself

Making a new friend? Offer to meet up or help out this person.

Want to date someone? Do the same thing.

Life is a lot about taking chances– you won’t meet anyone if you’re too afraid of the risks.

Put yourself out there and you never know who you’ll meet!

And remember– building friendships or romantic relationships take time. To get the best investment, you must put out the effort.

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3 thoughts on “How to Meet New Friends, Dates & Romantic Partners

  1. The Moody Mom says:

    There’s a large organization called Meet Up Groups. They have a phone app. Type in your zip code and interests (networking, hobbies, singles) and you’ll find lots of groups that meet regularly.

      • The Moody Mom says:

        I have never had a bunch of friends. I prefer spending my time alone or with one close friend. My therapist says I need more “connection” as it’s been proven to be important to your mental health. I could not think of any way I’d be comfortable trying to go out and make friends. Then I thought of meet up groups. There’s one for WordPress bloggers nearby. Perfect!

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