15 Great Date Ideas for Love Interests, Spouses & More in 2020

ardian-lumi-6Woj_wozqmA-unsplashPhoto by Ardian Lumi on Unsplash

2020 just sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, it’s about to get more fun, frisky and fabulous with these 15 great date night ideas for all 4 seasons. (Of course, some of you don’t get the 4 seasons, but don’t let that phase you.) I can’t wait to hopefully put these different date ideas to the test– we shall see what the year brings me!– and I hope you like them as well. Some of them are as basic as can be– movie night, anyone? And some are a bit on the more creative side– anyone feel like attending a sexy masquerade? Whatever your speed, I am sure you’ll find something in here that’s right for you and the person who makes you tingle all over.

We all know there is nothing worse than a date that simply sucks, or is with a psycho. So, grab your hottest guy, gal or whatever pronoun you prefer, and test out these 15 great date night ideas in 2020!


1. Hit a Trade Show

Does your lady love motorcycles? Is he dying to test out the latest in robotics? What about erotica?

The winter is a great time for a trade show. Spend the day together geeking out over whatever it is you two love– or watch your love interest go crazy.

2. Soak in a Sauna

Let those tired muscles soak together in a sauna. If you’re a heterosexual couple, you may have to soak separately and then come together later. Wink.


Photo by paje victoria on Unsplash

3. Netflix and Chill …

An easy movie night sounds sexy under the sheets or blankets.

Bring something to snack on for your date, partner or love interest. Besides yourself, of course.


4. Sporting Event

It’ll be a little warmer and after being inside transfixed to each other’s bodies hopefully, you’ll need a little fresh air and some competitive spirit to feel recharged. And of course, to refresh for round 2 of being stuck to each other … in a good way!


Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash

5. Motorcycle Ride (or Boat, ATV, Car)

However you’re traveling, make it fun! A little ride on the bike when the air gets warm can be fun!

6. Camping or Stargazing

A night under the stars and a tent? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to spend more time together.

If you’d like to ditch the bugs, perhaps stop first at a planetarium and then head outdoors to a fresh spring night sky and discover constellations and each other …

Don’t forget the telescope– if you’re intense over your stars!


7. Salsa Dancing

Be brave and have fun in a hot sweaty kind of way with salsa dancing! If you’re more conservative, you can opt for ballroom, which is just as fun. To me, moving together is a great date. It certainly helps get things nice and hot …


Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

8. Beach Date

What’s more relaxing than enjoying a day or evening on the beach with your date?

Nothing really, unless the two of you decide to seek each other’s company on a clothing optional beach …

9. Outdoor Concert or Sculpture Grounds (Outdoor Museum)

Soak in culture and music over the summer together! Museums or places of art are great conversation starters. Not to mention, music brings us together. A concert is a great way to really unwind with someone you’re into!


10 .Pottery Making–or Painting

You could make a vase that looks like a foot. It doesn’t matter! Being good isn’t the key. Having fun is …

11. Winery

A little wine and your date’s arms to keep you warm? Sounds like the perfect fall date!

12. Couples’ Massage

Personally this is a great date– and obviously not a first date!– for all seasons, but right before the crazy holidays? Sounds delicious and hopefully, your date is just as!

Bonus Date: A Sexy Masquerade Ball

Truly, what better way to have fun then get dressed up, masked and see where the night takes you …



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