Your (My) Partner & Relationship Must-Have List


Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

If I’m being honest– which I am, and usually, bluntly so– there are some things that I really find attractive in a man. My ‘no-compromise’ list I suppose however, no one will ever be the pinnacle of some list. You will find someone who meets most of your requirements, but never all– and that’s ok! The key is knowing what your “must-have’s” are versus your ” nice-to-have’s.”

Do you really know what you want in a partner and what you can’t stand?

I have spent a lot of time thinking about my must’s, nice-to-have’s and don’t want’s, and I feel like it’s a good exercise to put what I want out into the universe. And I highly suggest you all do the same: find your absolute must-have’s in a human, and write it out– state it aloud!– and claim that person to the universe before you may have even met them. Owning what and who you want and being really hardcore honest with yourself is so important to making great relationships. In the past, I wasn’t honest and I ignored red flag after red flag, which did me no good. So for now, I’m owning what I want.

1. I really like a man who is Calm.

As a complete firecracker and siren, a calm man really just balances me and by calm, I don’t mean dull. I simply mean easy-going or not quick to freak out.

A man who is even-keeled and does not have a temper is really my speed.

2. I really like someone who can Talk and enjoys Learning.

I don’t need him to be a motor-mouth as myself, but I need him to carry a conversation and be intrigued by learning.

Someone who enjoys learning and can carry himself with me and others is a big deal.

I need to talk. He can be quiet sometimes– and he doesn’t need to be the life of the party– but just to carry a conversation and have the desire to learn and grow. Someone who is open to hearing others opinion all while having his own.

3.I really like a man who can socialize but doesn’t demand to be the Life of the Party.

Maybe it’s because I am so social that I don’t feel the need to have another showman by my side, but I’ve always liked men who enjoy socializing but also, like to have downtime alone or with me. It goes back to my #1. Mr. Showman would probably be too much for me.

4. I crave someone who is Affectionate and Passionate.

I don’t want an impassioned off-the wall wild guy at all. In fact that would unnerve me, but someone who is loving and passionate really goes the distance for me. Being able to verbally and physically display affection is a must. Someone who has a carefree spirit with a responsible tone– a balance. He’s got to be fun but also, be able to hold down the fort. No wet blankets for me, please.

5. I desire someone who is generally neat, put-together and Driven without forgetting his family or me.

Someone who is able to take care of himself and not forget his loved ones while holding down the fort is important to me. I can’t have a wreck.

Lastly …

6. I love men who are smart, own their smarts and Have Interests they truly enjoy.

I don’t need someone who mirrors me. In fact, have your own interests besides mine– I love someone who is just passionate about whatever it is they love.

Just don’t let it be insects, please.

Someone who can teach me what they like and be confident in their own skin.

The last thing I would say is Be Active.  A man that sits still too much will be dizzy by me and I will be bored by him.

Have you ever really thought about the things you really like in someone? Have you owned it? You need to know what you want and what works for you!




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