4 Things to Remember About Online Dating

nick-fewings-S7cyjr_3prc-unsplashPhoto by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Online Dating is a bizarre place, indeed. I have to wonder what people are thinking sometimes with the things they write, share or use as photos with the goals of meeting someone.

For example, one man wore a squirrel outfit as a main profile pic. Funny? Maybe, if you like nuts. Haha.

Another man looked like he was half asleep or high.

In other words, you have to have a really good sense of humor in order to swipe left and right for more than ten minutes. It’s easy to see why people don’t really enjoy the process. Both my male and female friends seem to groan over the whole thing.

So, if you’re about ready to swipe left or right on potential matches, keep these 4 things in mind in order to laugh more and cry less.

1. Stats

If you sat at a bar for a week, chances are you’d see probably a small handful of attractive people.

Online dating is like a virtual bar. You never know who’s going to “sit next to you.”

Don’t expect too much from the whole thing– or expect anything at all.

2. Watch Your Own Profile

For better or worse, like the squirrel guy, people portray images and “ideas” but you can’t really understand what someone is like from a profile. All you get is a vague outline and from there, decide if the vague outline is intriguing or not.

So keep in mind, your profile is also a vague outline of who you are, so watch what you say.

I’ve seen people post diatribes on how their former partner sucked or, go on and on about how they love going to the gym.All of those things whether positive or negative, create an impression.

It really is just a tiny sliver of an image of a human. Make a positive impression.

3. Be Wary of Negative Nancies or People Who Post Overly Emotional Stuff

Like whining over a former marriage. Or saying how they “hate drama,” which really just means they love it.

Also, folks who write whole prologue, epilogues and profiles … it’s a lot. It’s a whole lot. If you’re going to dance around with that dude or gal, be prepared for probably a whole lot of information overload.

4. It’s Really an Experiment

Can you meet your significant other online? Yes.

Can you meet your future spouse online? Yes.

Could you also just go on some good or really awful dates from it? Yes.

You could also just go nowhere with it.

Don’t pressure yourself in any way for it to be some big romantic experience. It’s an experiment. If it works out, great! If not, okay.

Good Luck & God Speed,



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