What Does His Holiday Gift Really Mean? What About Her Holiday Card?

kari-shea-CqKNkmNNLnI-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Okay– so, it’s holiday time and you’re unwrapping a gift from your love interest or partner … or maybe not. Maybe there is no gift. No gift?!

There are 15 days left til Christmas and 12 until Hanukkah, so …

What does your partner or love interest’s gift mean? What does his or her card mean? Well, I’m not a psychic, but I use these rules of thumb when analyzing a gift or card and what it means.

What Your Love Interest or Partner’s Gift REALLY Means

1. No Gift

Well, damn! That’s the absolute worst. No gift is just a clear sign that the person doesn’t give a hoot about you or, is completely forgetful and thoughtless.

Even people who are forgetful often do remember in the last few minutes.

If someone doesn’t get you a gift, chances are this person is not interested in you.

That indeed, sucks.

2. A Gift Card

This person is really busy and wanted to make sure he or she hit the mark when it came to your holiday gift.

Or, the person doesn’t want to devote much time to buying you a gift.

I typically buy gift cards for friends and family so they can treat themselves, but for a romantic partner, I’d rather buy a gift unless I am unsure where I stand with the person.

Oh yes! If someone is unsure where he or she stands with you, a gift card is a common gift.

3. An Experience

So thoughtful! Someone who wants to take you to a concert, spa, show or event as a gift is really looking to treasure you and delight you. This is a thoughtful gift.

4. Lingerie & “Toys”

It goes without saying what this gift means.

If this is from a romantic partner or interest, it is best served with another gift to complete the “feelings” he or she has for you.

If you just get a toy or lacy piece of lingerie, well … you know the person’s priorities!

5. Some Jewelry or a Watch

This person is blaring all the guns! This person wants to spoil you and show you you’re pretty awesome.

6. Handmade Gifts of Any Cost

Amazing, tender and incredibly thoughtful. This person took time to make you something. A real compliment!

7. Something You Need

The sign of a practical person who cares about you and wants to be sure you’re ok.

8. A Romantic Getaway

Just jealous. That’s the best gift!

9. A Massage

Someone wants to pamper you and tell you to take some time to yourself.

10.  A Dinner Out or In

This is the person who wants to get to know you better– and also, may have a budget. This person wants extra face time with you, which to me is special!

11. Coffee Gift Card

The person likes you as a friend– not very deep feelings here. Or, the person knows you’re a caffeine addict but if it’s from someone who is really into you, it’ll come as an additional gift … not the main gift.

12. Classes or Lessons

This person wants to see you shine and give you something you’ll love. He or she must think you’re really special.

Card or No Card

Oy, vey!

No card to me is very impersonal. I love cards. They are my absolute favorite part of the gift as they express how someone feels about me.


If you get a card:

  • Romantic cards clearly indicate deep feelings
  • Funny cards indicate either a new relationship, feeling awkward about sharing romantic feelings or, just the sign of a funny person
  • Basic or plain holiday cards indicate avoiding any deep feelings

Okay well, carry on with your shopping, wondering and loving my friends.

Merry Me,


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