5 Reasons He/She REALLY Doesn’t Want a Relationship


Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

You’ve spent a lot of time wondering why he/she is so flaky or unavailable. You seem to have a good time with the person, but then he or she is nowhere to be found. The person ghosts you for a while, and then pops back up. Or, you can’t get any consistency from the person. Dates are good, but they come and go. You wonder to yourself “WTF is wrong with this person,” when you get the “I don’t want a relationship” line that we all know is total bullsh*t for the most part.

Here are 5 reasons your love interest really doesn’t want a relationship.

Brace yourself. The harsh truth is coming.

1. He/She Doesn’t Care About You

Their options and freedom is more important. They like the idea of having many options available to them and you aren’t special.

Yup– you aren’t special and you mean squat to that person.

2. He/She Doesn’t Think You’re The One

You’re nice and all, but he doesn’t think you’re it.

She thinks you’re cute, but she doesn’t really care what happens to you.

3. He/She Wants to Date Others

Why would she be consistent with you when she can date other people, too?

Yeah, harsh I know– but you’re just a time-filler.

4. He/She Is Hiding Something

Maybe there is someone else. Maybe they are not being upfront– which could account for not wanting a relationship.

5. He/She Doesn’t Want to Settle for You

If he commits to you, then he owes you something and he won’t have his options open to be with other women or men.

These reasons are all pretty harsh, eh?

Yes, but here’s the good news: the problem doesn’t lie with you.

Lots of Love,






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