6 Best Traits Every Man Should Have


Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Not all men are equal. Well, okay– we are all equal as humans, but not all men are super awesome as the rest. Hey, like I tell myself– someone will always be funnier, smarter, prettier than you– but that doesn’t mean you’re not funny, smart or pretty!

But there are certain traits that set other men above the pack and let them shine as stellar examples. Nice pecs help, too, but I’m talking about character and personality.

Does your love interest or man have these 6  traits?

Integrity & Honor

He stands by his word. He doesn’t lie and he will tell the truth, even if it sucks.

He puts his name on everything and everyone he touches– in a positive way.

He does not half-a*s stuff. He puts in an amazing amount of effort.


A good man is available and present. He is connected to his feelings– and yours.

He cares about the people he loves deeply, and he is there for them.

Family is important to him, and so is his partner.


A fantastic man doesn’t muddle his words. He is passionate with his feelings and open with his heart. He is clear and listens well.

Blazes Trails

He goes his own way if that’s what he thinks is right. If he believes in someone else, he will join the person– but he will always be true to his beliefs within reason, of course.

A trail blazer takes risks– but he doesn’t do so haphazardly, nor does he do things without thought or consideration.

Gives Back

To the community and his loved ones.

When he takes from someone, he does so graciously and does not take for granted anything or anyone.

Commits Fully

He commits to someone he cares about with honesty and class. He is available and loving.



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