Hurtful Behaviors That Keep You Up at Night From a Love Interest or Spouse

anthony-tran-i-ePv9Dxg7U-unsplashPhoto by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

You’re up late at night wondering and stressing over what you have done wrong to make a partner or love interest act differently. After a while, your self-esteem starts to tank. You start to wonder what you’re doing wrong or, why you’re not good enough. It becomes a late-night bashing party of one: you bashing yourself.

If your partner or love interest is doing the following things, you are probably having some sleepless nights wondering what’s going on, like why is your person of interest—

1. Running Hot and Cold?

Someone who wants to see you and then doesn’t want to see you, clearly has some issues.

However, most likely these issues reside with your love, and not you. Point out this person’s weird behaviors.

2. Withdrawing Affection and Acting Cold?

This person may simply not care about you at all. Coldness is a sure sign that the person is rejecting you or being hurtful or, is hurt themselves. Maybe you hurt this person’s feelings. Talk about it!

3. Wanting Just Sex?

Perhaps your partner has decided you are not worth anything but a hook-up or, is seeing someone else. It’s also possible that the person doesn’t value you like he or she used to. Even further still, if it’s a new interest, the person clearly only wants one thing.

Cut it off unless you want just sex, too.

4. Being Unavailable?

Someone who is suddenly unavailable is either cheating or pulling away from you– or, having a hard time him or herself and needing help.

Someone who is generally unavailable doesn’t care about you at all.

This issues can really wear on you so the best thing to do is to talk to this person and then decide what to do.



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