9 Signs of Serious Depression at the Holidays


Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

Suicide Prevention Month is technically September but with the holidays rolling around, I thought it might be helpful to talk about it now. Many people feel alone, worthless and stressed at this time of year.

It’s not unusual for people to hit a rock bottom during this time of year. Unfortunately, I have known a few people (mostly from a distance) that took a turn for the worse right around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So, I figured I might compile a list of some symptoms of serious depression so you can all keep an eye on your loved ones or yourselves if needed. A person very close to me lost someone she loved to suicide and it was and is, an unending wound. Hug your loved ones tightly this season and be the supportive ear that person might need!

9 Signs of Serious Depression– Especially at the Holidays

1. Isolating from others (not being introverted! Introversion is fine and healthy)

Someone who is isolated or, who isolates from others may be very depressed. There is a difference between needing quiet time to recoup (introversion) and avoiding people at all costs (isolation).

2. Weight loss or gain

Many people gain weight around the holidays, but intense weight loss or gain can indicate depression.

3. Poor self-talk

Does the person say he or she is bad, no-good, worthless?
Is the person not seeing him or herself clearly?

Watch out.

4. Trauma or stressful situations

Trauma, break-ups, divorce, loss of job etc.– all of these difficult events can induce intense depression, especially at the holidays.

5. Missing work

Someone who is missing work a lot or not functioning like he or she used to, may be very depressed or anxious

6. Missing hobbies 

Did your friend stop showing up to basketball league? Is your sister not attending her art classes anymore? Retreating from loved hobbies is a big sign of depression.

7. Sleeping a lot or not sleeping at all

Sleep is the first thing to go when you’re depressed.

Or, it’s the first thing you do in excess, when you’re depressed.

If someone isn’t sleeping or is sleeping a lot … I would be curious as to why, right away.

8. Arguing with people they love

Is the person arguing with loved ones often– but over really nothing? Is the person grouchy?

9. Saying things won’t get better or other damning statements

If the person things things are horrible and not worth it– and tells you?

Bingo– depression.


These signs could mean a lot of things, but put them altogether, and it seems like classic depression to me.

It’s up to you to decide if you can be a support or not– but if you love the person, try to be there for them.

In Support,





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