8 Ways to Say I Love You Without Really Saying It

carolyn-v-iz1OzTbk61c-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Carolyn V on Unsplash 

Saying “I love you” is certainly important and meaningful, but there are many ways to say those 3 words without really saying them. And why wouldn’t someone want to just say “I love you?”

There are many reasons:

  • It’s boring to just use the words constantly without backing them up with actions!
  • Someone might not be ready to say those words– and therefore, would rather show love instead of make a declaration.
  • Someone could love you but not really realize it yet.

Truly, showing someone you love them is the most important thing of all– above and beyond those 3 little words.

Here are ways you can show someone love, without having to speak a word.

Eliminating or Assisting With a Burden

Helping someone with work or a task that stresses the person out is a great way to show love.

Caring When You’re Sick

Got a sick partner or love interest? Caring or helping the person in some way is an act of love.

Taking Time Out When You’re Busy

Everyone has a busy life these days. Carving out time, even an hour, when you’re really swamped for someone special shows the person on your mind a lot of love.

Surprising With a Treat

Bringing a treat or special gift as a surprise for someone is really a great way to show love– and that you’ve been thinking of this person!

Touching– From Hand Holding to Kissing

A quick kiss, a hug, or a caress is a great way to say I- Love-You.

Complimenting Your Love

Expressing pride, love or admiration in an unexpected way or when your special person does something great or difficult is very loving.

Planning a Nice Time Together

I love it when people surprise me with an event or idea or place for us to go to! It shows so much thought and care.

Writing it Out

You don’t have to write I love you to express love with your words.

A sentimental or expressive card is always appreciated. You can also simply write a letter, text or email saying how you miss someone or are thinking of them. Even just asking how someone is doing is loving!

Express the love in a different way whether you’re ready or not to say I love you.

With Joy,


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