6 Things to Consider Before Moving


Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

Making a move can be very scary. It can be hard to make the change, especially if you thought your current home would be a forever place or circumstances like divorce, breaking up or a job change force you into a move.

And if you’re on the fence about a move and mulling it over, pulling the trigger can also be hard. Here are some things to consider when debating to move … or not.

Will it Further Your Career in a Significant Way?

If moving will elevate you to the next level, do it! These opportunities only come around once in a lifetime.  You may not have the same opportunity again.

This is especially key if it will lift your salary in a big way.

Will it Help You Heal?

If you move, will you heal a divorce or break-up?

Or will you be just as sad or hurting if you leave?

Consider how healing (or not) a move would be. What types of sacrifices would you have to make to heal, including moving?

Will You Have Support Wherever You Go?

Do you have a network of people waiting for you at this new destination? Are you someone who needs a lot of social support, or no?

Will it Impact Children or Other Important Family Members?

Will the move benefit your kids or other family VIP’s? Will it hurt them?

What are the pros and cons to staying or going?

Will This Move Benefit You– Help You Meet a Partner, Bring You New Hobbies or Opportunities?

Does the move have the potential to place you in a community full of potential dating partners or opportunities?

Are You Ready For a Big Change?

Consider how prepared you are to make such a huge change. Moving is a big deal!

With Clarity,



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