Emotionally Unavailable Men & Women Are Just Like Gated Bridges & Stop Signs

joseph-barrientos-Ji_G7Bu1MoM-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

He wants his freedom. He is not available to date you.

She doesn’t want a relationship. She only wants to see you sometimes  when it’s convenient.

These “freedom lovers” view you as someone holding him or her back. These bachelors don’t want someone to get in the way of his or her agenda.

They want to do what they want– when they want!

They want to be free to date many people and never commit.

Or, just sleep around and dodge intimate pillow talk.

You– wanting and loving you– are in the way of that freedom. Your desire to feel needed, appreciated and close is a noose on this person’s neck.

This is what it’s like with emotionally unavailable partners. And if sex is involved well,  sex is fine, but not commitment. Sex is fine,  but not intimacy. (I repeated for a reason).

When you meet the emotionally unavailable, they’re like a gated bridge:

  • They won’t let you cross because you’ll get too close
  • They won’t let you on the bridge, because then you might have expectations
  • They won’t let you drive straight through because you might leave them with feelings and expectations

What the emotionally unavailable want at All COSTS is to

Stop All Emotions From Happening

luke-van-zyl-rKSHh6nEG1g-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Luke van Zyl on Unsplash

They want to:

  • Avoid expectations and desires on your behalf. They don’t want to deliver anything, especially if there could be the risk of repeat expectations.
  • Keep sex as sex and OR possibly avoid sex altogether and most especially, avoid feelings. Like a stopper, they push the feelings away from getting into the mix.
  • They hate feelings and emotions– because it only intrudes on them and makes them feel as if they have to get close.
  • They will avoid loving people at all costs and will jeopardize a good relationship and keep you from getting on that damn bridge if it is the last thing they do!

Hard Knocks,



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