11 Things I Learned About Life & Love in 2019

amy-shamblen-lJt-3NUFng4-unsplash (1)

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

There is only one week left in 2019, and what a year it has been! It ended a little crazy– but also, with many things to look forward to. Simply put, if you can’t take lessons from your year then what good is it to celebrate a new one?

Here are 11 things I learned in 2019– and will never forget.

Standing up for yourself is never a bad thing

It’s not always easy to speak out when someone does something wrong, but it is necessary.

As a mom, I am a role model for my kid. If I allow bad treatment to happen or sit back and do nothing when I could make a positive difference, that’s not setting the right tone.

Breathe–your journey is not going to be the same as others

Your timeline will be very unique from everyone else’s. Even when it seems like everyone else on the planet has done something or hit a life goal in the same linear fashion, and you haven”t.

Make concrete resolutions and track them

I got a bit lazy, but at the end of the year, I could track my resolutions and see my progress. I made specific ones and set dollar amounts for financial goals. It was great to see real results at the end of this year.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Just because you’re still waiting for something to happen, doesn’t mean it won’t

Yes, some things seem to take forever but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen for you. It just hasn’t happened yet.

Watching your kids grow in a hobby or activity is a real blessing

I love seeing my kid in motion– seeing how her dance skills grow over time. Reviewing the art she’s made over the years and witnessing her development. It really is a gift.

Accepting what is rather than pushing for what isn’t, is great

Really just accepting things and people for who they are makes life simpler. It makes you happier, even if you would like someone to change and he or she won’t.

You can hit pause on a goal and revisit it at a later time

This happened to me twice, and yet here I am, revisiting two goals that I had pushed back on.

Sometimes you can only scratch one itch

As creative as I am, sometimes I can only see real progress in one area of my artistic life simply due to time constraints. This is ok. We can’t be everything to everyone, even ourselves.

Sometimes, you are more closed off than you think

Even I could stand to be more open to possibilities.

Being positive is good, but being realistic is also necessary

No one can constantly be positive. It’s annoying and not possible. But it is necessary to try to be positive and also good to be realistic.

It’s the negative zone you want to avoid.

You must water the garden for it to grow

Sounds stupid but, you can’t expect that because everything has always been great with a skill or job or relationship, that it will stay that way.

You need to put some effort in continuously to see results.

Merry, merry and happy happy to all!



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